Tensor Rings extend Life of Razor Blades

My Story

I began getting interested in trying out the possibility of extending razor blade life when I first started making Russian Pyramids. In his book “Pyramid Power – The Science of the Cosmos”, Patrick Flanagan discusses how after World War II soldiers in the Soviet Union had a ration of only 1 razor blade per month, and after 3-4 shaves, they were always scrounging around for razor blades – until they discovered pyramid power to keep their razor blades sharp. Now, I have taken that idea and improved upon it.

Instead of building a pyramid, my research now shows that simply placing your razor blade inside a tensor ring between shaves can: Extend your blade life to one month, two months, even 3.5 months and more (watch the video)!

Increase the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables

“My fruits and vegetables last probably twice as long now that I have a 2 cubit ring permanently placed in my refrigerator. I also make my own wine and beer, so I decided to use my Brix meter to test some tomatoes and grapes. Leaving them inside the tensor ring overnight took them from “Average” to “Outstanding” overnight. Amazing!”

~ Paul-Texas

Improve the Taste of Wine

“Yesterday I threw out a case of $300 a bottle wine.  Having just experienced what this ring will do to improve the taste and reduce acidity, I think I could have saved that case of wine. I wish I had known about this before!”

~Midwestern Newspaper Wine Critic

Increase Razor Blade Life

“I was using the most expensive razor blade cartridge on the market, and could only get 3-4 shaves out of it before it would become painful and go dull.  Then I started using a tensor ring.  After each shave I just place my razor blade inside the tensor ring.  After shaving daily for one month, my cartridge is still sharp and pain-free! I can’t wait to see how long it will last!”

~ Mike – Nebraska

Remove Water Pipe Scale and Mold

“After placing a couple of rings on the faucets around the house, a friend advised me to run my Jacuzzi for a 15-20 minute “cleanout” cycle first before I got in. I’m sure glad I did. After I let the water out, there was a visible layer of black mold all over the bottom of the tub. Guess all that mold was in the water pipes and I didn’t even know it.

Glad to know I am not bathing in a mold-infested Jacuzzi any more!”

~Ann, Nebraska

Treats Aches and Pains

Tensor Ring helps Toothache, Headache & Neck Pain

Feedback Loop used for Back & Shoulder Pain

Feedback Loop used for Ankle Pain

Feedback Loop helps Woman Walk without a Cane

Feedback Loop helps Hip Pain

Feedback Loop helps Groin & Hip Pain

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