Pricing (and Suggested Applications)

Cubit Size

Wire Gauge

Approximate Diameter (Outside/Inside)

Use For 


1/8 Cubit16.9"/.75"Cell Phone EMFs

$12.00 or 3/$30

1/4 Cubit121.75"/1.5"Laptop, Ipad EMFs. Appliance Wire EMFs$15 or 3/$40.00
1/4 Cubit81.875"/1.375"Personal Pendant/Necklace EMF Protector$20.00 or 3/ $50.00
3/8 Cubit82.65"/2.25"Shaver's Best Friend, Prolong Razor blade Life$22.50 or 3/$57.50
1/2 cubit83.25"/2.9"Desktop EMFs, Appliance EMFs, Structuring Water Faucets, Wine Taste$25.00 or 3/$65.00
3/4 Cubit85.125"/4.75"Shower Head, Refrigerator, Wine Taste$35.00 or 3/$95.00
1 Cubit66.75"/6.2"Joint Pain, Water Structuring, Refrigerator$45.00 or 3/120.00
1 1/8 Cubit67.55"/7.0Electric Meter EMFs$50.00 or 3/$130.00



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Do you provide International delivery?

Yes. Please contact us so we can determine shipping costs to your location.

Where do I return an item?

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How do I track my order?
All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and you will be given a tracking number for your shipment. In rare circumstances, we may use other mailing entities.

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