Pendants with Gems or Arrowheads

Pendants without gemstones and arrowheads are priced as such: Two versions of the thinner ¼ cubit pendants are single twist 12 gauge wire and double twist 16 gauge wire and are $15. 

The heavier ¼ cubit pendants are single twist 8 gauge wire and double twist 12 gauge wire and they are $20. 

Most pendants, unless specified, with gemstones and arrowheads are $33 & 3/$84 for the thin pendant and $38 & 3/$98 for the heavier pendant.

Pendants with Amethyst and Citrine points are $39 & 3/$99 -  thin and $44/3/$116 - heavy.

All pendants come with a thin 1/16” black leather cord or a heavier 1/8” brown cord (not leather).


The arrowheads are Agate. We will do our best to match items with the pictures, but it’s not guaranteed. Every stone and arrowhead is a little different. If there is something specific that you are looking for, such as your birthstone or a certain color arrowhead, please let us know before ordering or ad a comment at the bottom of your order. In the event we don’t have a specific gemstone or arrowhead in stock, it may take several weeks to obtain the item and make the pendant. Your patience is appreciated.

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