Feedback Loops

The Feedback Loop will draw density or unbeneficial energy from the area it is directed at and that transforms into positive or beneficial energy and it emitted back into the body. 

So it performs two functions at once without changing positions of the loop. As with the Acu-Vac Coil or any other healing device, use your intuition or that of the person you are assisting. 

Check out the videos and see how quickly people experience wonderful results.

A few common uses:

  • Place a loop in a vertical position next to your bed to break up disharmonious energies, restore balance and enjoy a good night's sleep

  • Direct the Feedback Loop anywhere on the body to relieve shoulder, ankle, hip, groin, neck discomfort, or just anywhere you can imagine.

  • You can hook it onto an Acu-Vac Coil to increase healing power in order to remove discomfort (i.e. migraine) faster.

  • Place a loop in a vertical position next to your bed to break up disharmonious energies, restore balance and enjoy a good night's sleep.

  • To remove discomfort (i.e. migraine) faster, hook it onto an Acu-Vac Coil to increase healing power. 

The Feedback Loops are similar to Coils in that they have a vacuum effect. The main difference between a Feedback Loop and a Coil is that the Feedback Loop not only pulls darkness, pain, and negativity out of people/situations – it sends light right back in. Whatever is removed is replaced with pure white light – immediately. 

Studying the topography of a Feedback Loop, it is easy to picture how this transmutation of energy occurs. This tool is basically a smaller diameter Coil that has been curved, or turned back on itself. No longer on an axis, the south and north poles form two ports or openings that are parallel to each other. As darkness gets sucked into one port, it travels through the coil and the spin is reversed at the halfway point. A “phase conjugate mirror” effect transmutes negative to positive and only what is of the light exits the second port. This light fills whatever it is aimed at with beneficial, healing energy.

The virtues of the Feedback Loop are that, a) it replaces darkness with light instantaneously, eliminating the need to seal the point of the disturbance they way one does with a Coil – and, b) its action is quicker. The beam of energy traveling through the Feedback Loop has a greater velocity than the light passing through a Coil. If you were to compare the relative speeds of both tools the Coil flows like a garden hose and the Feedback Loop is more like a high-pressure car wash hose. Some people prefer the Feedback Loop over the Coil because it “does the job” in less time and there is a money-back guarantee that the point of pain or disturbance automatically gets enlightened by the action of the tool itself.

How To Work With A Feedback Loop:

To use a Feedback Loop hold the coiled portion of the tool lightly in your hand an inch or two from the point of pain. With the ports aimed at the trouble spot, gently sweep or brush the area until the coupling effect takes place. Hold the Feedback Loop where it is and wait for change to register in the client, the tool, or in the practitioner. As soon as any change occurs move gradually outward into the client’s auric field in four to eight-inch increments. The distance factor applies as much to the Feedback Loop as it does to the Coil – the farther away it is from the body the stronger the clearing effects will be.

Another way to use the Feedback Loop is to hold it an inch or two from the body and sweep or comb the problem area, “patting the cat” so to speak, with light. This method is a gentle, non-invasive way to break up resistance and pain by bombarding it with positive energy. If you imagine what it’s like to go to the car wash and use the high-pressure hose to clean caked on road grime and mud off your wheel hubs at the end of mud season, this is what the sweeping motion of the Feedback Loop does to pain. It really gets right in there and takes care of business.

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