Energize and Structure Water with Tensor Rings

Ample research now exists validating the theory that the energy and structure of your drinking water has a dramatic impact on your health and well-being...

...based upon this data, numerous products, including the Berkey Filter (for water filtration), the Vitalizer Plus (for structured drinking water) and Natural Action Technologies (for structured water whole-house solutions) have developed products that provide clean, energetic and/or structured water.

Due to the cost of these devices, however, many people continue to drink tap water when they could be enjoying the benefits of structured water by hand vortexing the water to produce a reasonably good alternative.

Watch the video to see how hand-vortexed water stacks up compared to tap water and Vitalized water for human compatibility and energy.

How It Works

Placing tensor rings on your water faucets begins the process of structuring and energizing throughout the house. Through a process call entrainment, water energy and structure actually moves backward through the water pipes of the entire house, and beyond.

In one example, water samples from the second floor of a townhouse were tested for energy and structure using the Lecher Antenna. Even though the customer had placed only one ring on her kitchen faucet one week before, the upstairs water tested at roughly 80% of the level of energy and structure of the water from the kitchen faucet, and both tested significantly higher than tap water from a neighbor’s unit a block away.

In another instance, a customer noticed that she had to cut back on the amount of water she used for watering her lawn because over a 3-month period the water had become entrained to such a great extent that watering for the same amount of time as she had used before placing rings on her faucet resulted in a muddy lawn.

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