Energize and Structure Water with Tensor Rings

Ample research now exists validating the theory that the energy and structure of your drinking water has a dramatic impact on your health and well-being...

Structuring water in the body and at the faucet

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    ”Using a state-of-the-art spectroscopic analysis system, Hans Becker determined that something about the ring caused water to emit ultraviolet radiation. Just placing a container of water in the center of a ring would, after only a short period of time, cause the water to emit light in the form of ultraviolet radiation.

      Ultraviolet frequencies are related to good health. The healthy body normally has mechanisms by which bio-photons of ultraviolet are produced. Consuming water that emits ultraviolet has a germicidal effect and inhibits the growth and life cycle of any disease-producing organisms that might be in the body. Inside the body, water enters the cellular and intercellular fluids and the bloodstream, providing a simple mechanism for disruption of disease-producing organisms.

      If we keep in mind that the body is approximately 70 percent water, it is easy to take this concept one step further. When a human being or an animal steps into the center of a ring and the ring is passed up and down the length of the body, the water in the body is “charged,” the same way a jug of water is “charged,” due to the tensor properties of the ring. It seems reasonable to speculate that this would engender a spontaneous emission of ultraviolet within the bodily tissue and create a bacteriostatic or virustatic state without its even touching the body.

      What we have, then, is a noninvasive method for reducing bacterial or viral infections. The early experiments with the ring supported this conclusion when the positive field of the ring enhanced suppression of bacterial and fungal organisms in petri dishes. Slim and Bill were on the right track from the beginning, but the advance of the ring technology through the use of the two wires produced a device with nothing positive effects. The absence of negative energy combined with the effects of the 144 megahertz frequency seem to be the key components for beneficial treatment of water with the rings, whether in vivo or in vitro. These key components also give us a clue to the effectiveness of the ring in treating various conditions.”

        ~ Slims Spurling’s UNIVERSE  pages 64, 65

        How It Works

        Placing tensor rings on your water faucets begins the process of structuring and energizing throughout the house. Through a process call entrainment, water energy and structure actually moves backward through the water pipes of the entire house, and beyond.

        In one example, water samples from the second floor of a townhouse were tested for energy and structure using the Lecher Antenna. Even though the customer had placed only one ring on her kitchen faucet one week before, the upstairs water tested at roughly 80% of the level of energy and structure of the water from the kitchen faucet, and both tested significantly higher than tap water from a neighbor’s unit a block away.

        In another instance, a customer noticed that she had to cut back on the amount of water she used for watering her lawn because over a 3-month period the water had become entrained to such a great extent that watering for the same amount of time as she had used before placing rings on her faucet resulted in a muddy lawn.

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