I have always had an interest in sacred geometry and the different forms that make up the universe and ourselves.

Not too long ago a friend suggested I look up radionics as a possible solution for Lyme disease and when I did I found info. that connected that to tensor rings and that began my interest and study of the math and physics behind tensor rings.

While visiting a new friend who was creating pyramids out of PVC pipe, onlypvcpyramids.com I offered to assist him with several orders of tensor rings he was behind on. Until then I didn’t know he made tensor rings. Well, after teaching me how to make them, I took over his tensor ring business.

His lifetime friend and partner checked our work with a Lecher Antenna to make sure I was putting out a product that was fully functional for the highest good of those who were going to use the rings. I was a good student. All rings performed perfectly.

I eventually decided to make different sacred cubit tensor rings for working with our DNA and connecting to higher realms and higher aspects of us. After asking Reiki Masters, and regular folks like myself, to experience those rings I was delighted to see the profound results and now I will be offering those rings as well.

I am also a published author of a fictional novel, A Breath of Truth, which is a mystery, adventure story that uncovers the character's personal realizations of themselves and the transformations that take place from those realizations. The book can be purchased on Amazon as well at the kindle edition.

I love what I do and have only the highest regard for those I serve and desire to do and be the very best for them.

~ Marlin Peters